Windy, windy cycle to work and home again

Tuesday 30 July 2019.  8:11 hours sleep last night feel well rested.

Morning started out very cloudy and windy.  Cycled into work today anyway, had to take my TT bike owing to a very bad failure on my part in replacing the derailleur cable on my road bike - I cut the wrong cable! So am awaiting delivery of another cabled now.

50 Minute cycle into work very hard into the wind and easy with the wind (a bit like Sunday's swim session).

Just made it into work when the heavens opened and managed to miss the heavy morning rain.

90 minute cycle home from work, rain all stopped and clouds cleared so a cycle home in the sunshine, although the wind was even stronger and gustier than in the morning.

90 minutes cycle home. Very windy and gusty session, but the morning's rain had gone and it was sunny on way home.

Finished the day with 15 minutes of glute activation stretches.