Back on it this weekend

Saturday and Sunday 10 11 August 2019.  Had a bit of a patchy nights sleep after aggravating the chest bruising.  But Ironman training waits for no man, especially an old age grouper.

So the Ironman training withdrawal symptoms are too strong to resist any more.  Decided that training was back on but would all be done in the pain cave (home gym).  My age grouper hopes do rather depend on maintaining a regular training plan.


Saturday Zwifted my way through a 90 minute easy bike ride.  I always find it very difficult not to try to chase down anyone who cycles past me on zwift (on the road etc) but did my best to resist this and keep this as an easy training session.


Sunday morning awoke and chest definitely felt a lot better.  I did have scheduled an Open Water swim but decided not to do that session as I am certain that the swim was what had aggravated my chest bruising, and Ironman races in age grouper ranges are more likely to be won on the bike and run (but can also be lost in the transitions!).

However, I did do a two and a half hour Zwift session which included 4 x 20 mins at race pace.

Straight off the bike and into a brick run.  3 x 3 km at gradually increasing paces, then 1 km  fast and finishing with a final km even faster.  First brick run for a long time, I found it not too hard going although was 'dying' by the end of the fastest km.

So all in all a very hard weekend of training (although I did skip the swim).  Needed to do it to feed the training withdrawal symptoms that I have been suffering from since the bike crash.

Felt miles better psychologically and not too bad physically after all of that.  Even did all over body stretch before going to bed.