Back to full Ironman training – Rest, Swim and Bike, phew

Monday and Tuesday 13 and 14 August, got some good sleep in Sunday night and Monday night.  My ribs are starting to feel a bit better now and I am sleeping a little easier. So back to full Ironman training.

Monday 13 August

A rest day, much needed and much appreciated.  My body appears to be mending well now.  Also as an age grouper I find that I need my rest far more than I used too.  I have always believed that to achieve a property balanced ironman training regime you need to take your rest as seriously as all of the your training.

A rest day looks like this.
A true rest day.

This is the Internet so I thought that I had better show a picture of my cat taking a rest day, sorry. (I've never seen him undertake full Ironman training either.)

Monday 14 August

Today I had scheduled a swim and an interval session for the bike.  I approached my swim with some trepidation as I felt a lot worse after my aborted swim last week.  I decided I would take it easy and do a proper warm up session and see how i felt.

Anyway, turns ouut I still felt terrible and my ribs were hurting more and more as the warm up went on.  So not wanting to set back any recovery that I had already achieved.  I knocked it ln the head and decided that 15 minutes was enough.  So swimming will have to wait a bit longer.

I was holding out far more hope for the successful completion of my bike session.  I did an easy 20 minute warm up and felt fine.  So went straight into the 3 x 4 minute hill intervals.  Despite having found what, I thought, was a nice long climb, i had miscalculated.  The first flimb on its own was not quite long enoough, so a small drop then into a further climb in order to get the intervals done.  I don't know if that made it easier or harder.

With those out of the way it was a short recovery then a 20 minute time trail, followed by a warm down.  One hoour 21 in total.  I felt tired but well impressed with myself and pleased that i had survived the whole session.

So back home, to finish with a Glute activation stretching exercise before bed.