Three hour cycle with my daughter


Saturday 3 August 2019, another warm and sticky day.  I was obviously tired as my Garmin recorded 9:07 hours of sleep.

Started the day by going to the cafe over the road for a cooked breakfast.  Just to be clear, don't tell my dietitian.

Went for a three hours aerobic ride, and threw in over 900 metres of climbing just to keep it real.  Plus I also hear that the Weymouth Half Ironman which I have entered is hilly.

My daughter rode over to my house first and then came with me so she managed a four hour ride, kudos.  She is going to be doing the Weymouth race with me, her first half ironman race.  So she managed over the 90km required for the race so she achieved what she wanted.  Although the race doesn't usually include a coffee and cake break.

Finished day with 15 minutes of Glute activation stretches involving one of those giant stretchy elastic band try of affairs.

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