Ride to work and Back, knocked off bike!

Tuesday 6th August, a warm and nice day.

Managed an uneventful 50 minute ride into work following my usual route despite feeling tired.

Pushed the hills a bit on the way in, but there is only 320 metres of climbing.  My average cadence was 79 - i was trying for more like 85, but it is still trending upwards.

Cycled back home again over a longer 90 minute route.

All was going well with a nice steady ride seemingly with the wind behind me for a change.

About three kilometres from home someone pulled out on me then seeing me, panicked and stopped in the middle of the road.  I had little chance to do anything but run into the back of them. Ouch!

Have bruised all the right hand side of my body and damaged the brake levers on my bike.

Limped home and soaked in a hot bath with some Epsom salts.